Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sample Track on Band

If you haven't heard the A-Side of our first EP is up for listening to at:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Recording Update

In case anyone was wondering what's up with the band, Ryan is about to return from a long sabbatical in Euroland, and we will return to work on 10 songs that we recorded way back in 2010 before he takes off again on Social Circkle tour. Most likely this stuff will be split into a single and LP and hopefully some or all of it will be out for consumption before it starts getting cold again.

Big Takeover: "one of the better American underground rock EPs of the year"

bloody gears
end of the line 7”
(deranged records)
Boston’s Bloody Gears have released one of the better American underground rock EPs of the year with “End Of The Line,” even if it does sound as though they’ve only ever listened to Greg Sage’s Wipers. To its credit few bands actually understand the magic that is the Portland acts sound/appeal (an authentic instrumental tone, gobs of kinetic feel between players, sheer raw passion) and this is thoroughly invigorating even fresh sounding (magic in itself), though I think seeing them live might present more personality and hope for a more original follow up. Too, regarding the group being consistently aligned with the ‘hardcore’ tag…what gives?, there’s NOTHING hardcore about this whatsoever.