Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MRR Review

In case you missed it, we got reviewed in Maximumrocknroll #315:

BLOODY GEARS - With the ringing out of the first song's main riff, thetone is set for these bitter, beaten-down, and captivating songs thatare exceptional even by 7" standards. This band already has a soundthat's their own, but likely draws from THE OBSERVERS and LEATHERFACE,and there's something very Midwest about these songs as well, makingme think of early ARTICLES OF FAITH and HUSKER DU. If Side A is the soundtrack to a frustrated, grey day, driven by disillusionment to live out of one's own head, Side B it is that day's night, as the desperation grows and all there is tolook forward to is more days and nights of the same. (Dan) (5-songcassette, lyrics included, 6 Wadleigh Pl., Boston, MA 02127,,

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