Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Reviews

Yellow Green Red
"End of the Line was recorded in February of this year, and if you can remember the winter Boston had, the pain of lugging amps through slush and snow while wearing four layers of clothing is certainly evident here. Pretty much the antithesis of beach punk."

Anger Still Boils in the Underground
"Bloody Gears doesn't score too many points in the originality section, however there's something about this band that (at least to me) makes them stand out from the pack."

Art 4 Punks
"B side label is pure art, hang it on your wall if it ever leaves the turntable..."

"Don't get me wrong - this is one of the best records I've heard in months. It just sounds so much like the WIPERS."

Teenage Lobotomy
"Well, maybe vocals do remind of Greg Sage a lot, but i hear so much more while spinning this piece of plastic."

Plastic Bomb Fanzine
"Vor allem beim Song „End of line“ ist sehr auffällig."

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  1. Damn, You guys are awesome! I noticed that you haven't posted anything in a few months. Are you still around? I would definitely buy an album or two.