Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MRR Review of "Landscapes of Disease"

We've been seeing some nice words about the new records, & thought to post Lydia Phelp's nice review of the LP from MRR #351, since I don't think it's otherwise on the interweb:

"I first heard about these guys from my friend Bak, back in Athens, Greece. I was looking for a present for my boyfriend and he suggsested it. "If he likes the WIPERS, LEATHERFACE, ARTICLES OF FAITH or HüSKER Dü, you should get it for him." And I did and it was and I loved it. The first full-length by Boston-based dark-punkers BLOODY GEARS, brings to mind moments from the dark and decadent 80's- you know, when hardcore and punk bands were crossing genres and mixing sounds like 1989 was the end of the world. So no one cared to sound like someone else, they just fucking got on with it and played all the things they thought were missing from punk at the time and fucking fused some newfound new sound shit. I love it! This is very melodic and highly melancholic, with layers of dark and brazen guitars on top of vocals so heart-wrenching at times, it hurts. Ultimately this is what I want from a band that isn't straight-up aggressive hardcore or psycho punk: pain. Pain, anxiety, and disappointment, so well channeled into each instrument I acn actually feel the guitar strings pierce my skin and the drum-pedal kick me in the stomach while the vocalist spits on my open wound with a mouth full of alcohold and spite. When I need something that reflects my deep hatred and simulataneous empathy for society, I will listen to this."

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